The Mother to Be: $119
Pregnancy and morning sickness relief

Reglan, Folic Acid, Pepcid

The Road Runner: $139
For an energy boost and jet lag relief

Taurine, Toradol, B12, Glutathione, O2

The Rewind: $189
To help support an anti-aging regimen

B Complex, Mineral Complex, High Dose Glutathione, CoQ-10, Vitamin C, O2

The Dr.Yap: $125                                                                                      Special Wellness Formula by Licensed Naturopathic Doctor, Dr.Yap        Specially formulated blend for Hydrating       

The Tune Up: $129                                            To help with joint pain, body aches and inflammation                                         Decadron, Toradol, B12

The Orange Juice: $139                               High Dose Vitamin C