Botox is used to help quickly reduce fine lines and wrinkles $12/unit

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~     Little down time and few side effects

~     Used to treat wrinkles caused by muscle movement

~     Works by paralyzing/weakening the muscle injected

~     Can be used in many areas of the face and neck for wrinkle treatment and in the underarms for those with excessive sweating

~     Botox can help ease headaches caused by tension and stress

~     The amount of units used differs from person to person, taking into consideration the size of area, depth of wrinkles and gender which can greatly change how many units a person might receive

~     The best way to determine the amount of botox would be best determined by coming in to get a free consultation

~     Results are not immediate, will start to see the effects within 3 – 7 days with full effect taking place within 2 weeks

~     Generally Botox lasts anywhere from 3 to 6 months and periodic re-treatments are required to keep desired appearance

~     You CANNOT receive Botox if you are:

o  pregnant OR breastfeeding

o  Taking antibiotics (generally wait 3 to 5 days after is best)

o  Have an active or recent infection

o  Past allergic reaction to botox or any different brand that is used in a similar fashion

o  Allergy to egg or albumin is said to have possible side effects