To help plump the skin for a smoother more voluminous appearance.
Juvaderm $700/Syringe
Vollure $730/Syringe 
Volbella $730/Syringe
Voluma $800/Syringe

~     Made from hyaluronic acid that is naturally found in the skin

~     Injected into soft tissue at different depths of the skin to help fill facial wrinkles, provide facial volume and plump different areas to provide a smoother appearance

~     Different areas of the face require a different type of filler

o  Our spa has 4 different types of filler that all provide a different look and is specifically used for different areas of the face

o  An injection specialist can go over each type and which filler will be best for which area you are looking to treat

~     Fillers have an immediate result               

~     Fillers typically last 7 – 12 months

~     Touch ups are required to maintain desired look

~     Generally safe but there are some reasons to postpone treatment:

o  Pregnant

o  Breastfeeding

o  Sinus infection

o  Open lesions in the area

o  Active injection

o  If you are scheduled to get a dental cleaning/filling w/in 5 days

o  Any procedure on the face within a week that require pressure or stretching of the face, could potentially misplace filler

~     After treatment most will experience some swelling and redness and possibly bruising that typically fades within 72 hours

o  NOT RECOMMENDED to get fillers right before an important event

o  Having a few days of rest would be best after treatment