Lash Extensions Classic Full Set $150
Individual lashes adhered to 1 natural lash at a time

2 week Lash Extension Fill $60

3 week Lash Extension Fill $90

~You cannot get lashes wet for 24 hours 

~Avoid using all oil based products around your eyes 

~It is not recommended to wear mascara or liquid liner as it will cause lashes to bond together which may damage your natural lashes.  

~Clean your lashes every other day using foaming lash soap *this can be ordered on amazon or found at some CVS stores*

~Brush your lashes each morning and evening 

~After showering, blow dry on coolest setting and gently brush your lashes

~Do not pick out lashes, allow them to naturally grow out  

~If you lose a lash and see your natural lash attached to the, that is normal and means your natural lashes have grown our pushing the extensions out and a natural lash has grown in place. 

~You can expect to lose 2-3 lashes per day

~You will need a fill every two weeks to maintain your full set of lashes 

~Try your best to sleep face up