How NAD+ Can Help You:

– Improve energy
– Decrease Depression and Anxiety
– Boost Metabolism
– Improve Brain Function
– Reverse Aging
– Clear Brain Fog, Improve Mental Clarity
– Boost Energy
– Improve Athletic Performance
– Break the Cycle of Addiction
– Neuroprotectant

What Is NAD+?

NAD+ is the cellular building block of energy in the body. When we are born, we have all the NAD we will ever have unless we supplement it. As we age, the NAD in our body decreases, breaking down and thus accelerates all aspects of aging – decreased metabolism, energy and mental clarity. By taking NAD+ through an IV, you can increase your levels back to your starting point, thus reversing the aging process. 

We have assisted many patients for addiction, depression, anxiety, decreased mental clarity, low energy and neurodegenerative disorders with excellent results. More recently we have been helping patients with post covid symptoms, specifically those with chronic fatigue, Covid Brain (brain fog), confusion, and mood swings.

NAD+ is safe as it is already a naturally occurring part of your body. Through IV supplementation, we are simply increasing the levels back to baseline. NAD is infused slowly over several hours. The higher the dosage being received, the longer the infusion takes. Depending on your goals and the level of depletion in the body, more infusions or higher dosages may be appropriate for your condition, though even a short infusion can give positive results. Please be prepared to spend a minimum of 2 hours in the clinic for infusion time. 


NAD+ for Antiaging
2hr infusion cocktail to help reverse aging $300


NAD+ for Neuro-Regeneration
4hr infusion cocktail to help overcome depression, anxiety and improve brain function in dementia patients $500


NAD+ for Addiction
3 days of infusion to help break the cycle of opioid addiction $2,000
5 days of infusion to help break the cycle of opioid addiction $3,750
10 days of infusions to help break the cycle of opioid addiction $6,500
*for in home addiction regimen call for concierge pricing