PRP for hair loss.

PRP can help accelerate the growth of hair roots while also thickening existing hair. Recent studies have shown that applying PRP to the scalp can address androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness). 

Cost for 1 session: $1000     

Cost for 3 sessions: $2100

PRP for Cosmetic Facial Treatment

Made popular by celebrities who have had so called “Vampire Facials”, PRP is being used to regenerate the collagen naturally in the face to give it back a youthful look, alleviate wrinkles and scars and turn back the clock.

Cost for 1 session: $1000     

Cost for 3 session: $2500

PRP for Scars and Targeted Areas

Whether you are looking to treat a scar or tighten the skin around the lips or eyes, PRP can help alleviate the damage done by age. 

Cost for 1 session- Small area: Scars 1-2 inches


Cost for 1 session- Medium area: Under eyes, Nasolabial folds or scars 2-5 inches


Cost for 1 session- Large area: Scars palmed sized and larger or multiple small scars