Massage during pregnancy should be carefully tailored by a certified prenatal massage therapist. Parts of the massage are done with the patient comfortably propped on her side, rather than lying on her stomach. 

Massage therapists avoid using deep massage techniques or strong pressure on the legs, which could dislodge a blood clot due to changing blood circulation and pressure from pregnancy. Light pressure is used on the abdomen or the area is avoided altogether.

Massage is not recommended for those with a high risk of miscarriage, experiencing severe morning sickness, or carrying a high-risk pregnancy.

After the birth of a baby, your body will experience hormone regulation, swelling, and begin the healing process. Massage therapy will help your body get back to a pre-pregnancy state through calming and comforting massage. The stress relieving and muscle relaxing process of the massage will bring comfort and enhance the healing process for a new mother.

30 min $40                                                                                60 min $75                                                                                90 min $105

~     Similar to Swedish (Long, gliding strokes) but adjusted to accommodate all the changes a woman’s body goes through while pregnant

~     The mom-to-be lies in a side lying position using a body pillow to support joints

~     Deeper pressure is not used on the legs as blood clots are common among pregnant women

~     Can Massage Induce Labor??

o  Massage can naturally induce labor on or after the due date with specific work on reflex and acupressure points that promote the birth process

o  **not all pregnancy massage includes the reflexology that can produce labor**

~     Benefits of prenatal massage:

o  Reduced back and joint pain  

o  improved circulation

o  reduce swelling

o  reduce muscle tension and headaches

o  reduced stress and anxiety

o  improved oxygenation of soft tissues and muscles

o  better sleep