Faux Freckles

Deposit for all freckle services – $75

Nose & Cheeks area only – $175 due at appointment 

Full Face – $250 due at appointment

Zodiac Constellations only – $75 due at appointment*up to 4 constellation patterns may be chosen per appointment*

*this service can be added onto any other freckle service at no cost – simply advise us when you book your appointment to notate it for your technician

Using a manual tattoo technique, we can create a variety of freckled looks that will last 1-2 years. In most cases the freckles will disappear almost completely after a few years if you choose not to touch them up, but there is no guarantee the pigment will ever completely disappear. The pigment used specifically formulated to be gentle enough for cosmetic tattoo procedures, and it is only implanted 1-2mm into the skin.There are no rules when it comes to freckle patterns. Whether you are simply wanting to darken/accentuate existing freckles or create a whole new look, either can be done. Our technician also offers zodiac constellation patterns as an option by itself or in addition to another freckle service.