Saline Tattoo RemovalDeposit – $75

Body Art Removal Pricing Palm size and smaller – $175 due at appointment

Medium size (up to 8”x8”) – $275 due at appointment

If your tattoo is larger than 8”x8”, or you have a request that is not listed, please call to setup a free consultation. Our technician will meet with you and discuss options.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

Emergency removal for eyebrows and lips is available ONLY if it is within 24 hours of the initial procedure. Please call or message us as soon as possible and we will discuss when you can come in. The cost for this is $175 total, there is no deposit required as it will be a walk-in based appointment. 

Deposit – $75

Eyebrows – $175 due at appointment

Freckles – $150 due at appointment

*we currently do not offer removal for eyeliner. removal is not offered for lips past the 24 hour emergency removal period.

When using the saline removal technique on a tattoo, a saline solution is used to remove pigment from the skin. To do this, a technician opens the skin in areas where pigment is to be removed or lightened and implants a saline solution. Once the saline solution is thoroughly worked into the desired areas, you will need to keep the area dry while the skin goes through the healing process. There will be a lot of scabbing, and you will want to keep the scab intact and dry for as long as possible. You will be supplied with sterile saline towlettes for daily cleansing, and tattoo wrap for protection during showers during the healing process, but you will not need to apply ointment or any additional aftercare products.It is important to note that saline removal may require several sessions to achieve your desired results. The amount of sessions needed will depend on a number of factors such as how saturated the tattoo is, if your goal is to simply lighten for a cover up, or completely remove, if you are able to keep the scab dry and intact for an extended period of time during healing, etc. We can, under no circumstances, guarantee results, but we will always do our best to assist you.