Helps reduce fine lines, stretch marks, scars, acne scarring and boosts collagen for a more youthful look with both short and long term results. 

1. It Produces Instant Results

Vivace RF microneedling’s unique technology provides an instantly softer, smoother, and brighter complexion. These results are achieved more quickly with Vivace:

• Integrated radiofrequency that boosts collagen production and tightens skin• LED light reduces inflammation and accelerates healing• Gold-tipped needles create microchannels that are primed to readily absorb serums and topical nutrients.

2. You Can Achieve Optimal Effects in 3 Sessions

While most microneedling treatments require 6 sessions for optimal effects, patients can see a significant improvement in wrinkles fine lines, hyperpigmentation, skin tone and texture, and pore size after just 3 Vivace microneedling treatments.

3. Vivace RF Microneedling’s Unique Needles Make Treatment Virtually Pain-free

Vivace microneedling creates microscopic injuries in the skin to stimulate collagen with super-fine, insulated, gold-tipped needles that enter the skin smoothly and evenly.

Comparatively, dermal rollers and pens can cause unnecessary pain and discomfort.

4. It Requires Zero Downtime

Following treatment, patients can resume all normal activities right away. Any redness or pinpoint bleeding quickly resolves in 1-2 hours, without any disruption to your busy schedule.

5. Procedure is Safe for All Skin Types

Whereas lasers and chemical peels are often too abrasive for darker skin tones and sensitive skin, Vivace microneedling is gentle and safe for all skin types. It works by triggering the body’s natural wound-healing response, rather than delivering heat or applying chemicals that can be problematic for some individuals.

6. Vivace RF Microneedling Provides Superior Tightening

On its own, microneedling can produce visible skin firming. However, with the addition of radiofrequency, Vivace is an excellent way to tighten loose skin on the jowls, neck, eyelids, and cheeks.

7. Its Efficacy Extends Beyond the Face

In addition to treating a wide-range of skin concerns, Vivace microneedling is safe and effective on the face and body. It can even address hard-to-treat stretch marks or rejuvenate delicate skin of the hands, neck, and décolleté.


Single Treatment $649
Three Treatment Package $1,799


Single Treatment $399
Three Treatment Package $999


Single Treatment $499
Three Treatment Package $1,299


Single Treatment $799
Three Treatment Package $2,199

Stretch Marks

Single Treatment $499
Three Treatment Package $899


Single Treatment $399
Three Treatment Package $899

~     A minimally invasive treatment that creates hundreds of micro punctures to the skin tissue to stimulate your skins natural healing ability

~     Procedure uses 36 gold plated needles that evenly distributes radiofrequency energy across your skin further aiding the healing process

~     You will immediately notice a visible tightness and firmness to your skin

~     you will receive your best results with the series of three treatments

~     there is minimal downtime and you can resume wearing light make up w/in 6 hours

~     Treats:

o  Wrinkles

o  stretch marks

o  scars

o  acne scars

o  loose skin

o  large pores

o  discoloration

~     Be sure to discontinue use of retinal products (vitamin a) and facial exfoliation’s one week before treatment

~     limit sun exposure three days before treatment

~     no hair removal the day of

~     redness should subside w/in 1 hr of treatment and shouldn’t last longer than a day

~     Contraindications:

o  Active herpes

o  keloids

o  active acne

o  new or healing acne scarring

o  active eczema / dermatitis

o  psoriasis or other chronic skin conditions

o  diabetes

o  active bacterial infection

o  blood clotting disorder