Wellness Plans

Feel confident and sexier with our patient centered weight loss and sexual health evaluations from the comfort of your own home. Through simple telemedicine visits, your provider can determine the best options, both medical and natural to help you lose weight or increase libido. 

Sexual Health Telehealth Visit: $75

At Drive IV Hydration & MedSpa, we are concerned about your wellness and health goals. Thats why we are excited and happy to introduce our all new wellness plans!


Let our Wellness Experts help you meet your weight loss goals by creating a personalized care plan based off your needs and goals. 

Weight Loss Visit Option:

Standard Weight Loss Plan $150: Initial Telehealth visit (telephone) with a licensed medical provider and monthly 15 minute in person visits with our Wellness RN. At your Wellness Visit, you’ll receive your refill prescription, a brief physical assessment and a weight check in.  

Weight Loss Options Discussed in your initial visit:

Medications such as phentermine, topiramate, Contrave and Ozempic. – Cost determined by your insurance plan or pharmacy.

Natural interventions such as Fat Blaster Injections or Lean Drips. 

Cryo Sculpting. By cooling the treatment area, the CryoTone system targets fat cells and freezes off inches. Results are both immediate and long lasting. Sessions last 20-30 min, are non-invasive, non-surgical and pain free. 

Fat Blasters: $50/each; $150/Bundle of 4

B12/Lipotrophic injections are used to help release fat deposits in the body and helps to speed up your metabolism. These injections increase energy and stimulate the liver to burn fat faster. Injections can be done up to twice weekly. 

Lean Drip: $169/Drip; $450/Bundle of 3

Specially formulated IV Hydration used to increase energy and support weight loss. The Lean Drip is comprised of glutathione (a strong antioxidant that gives energy and repairs cells), chromium and trace minerals (used by your cells to increase metabolism and decrease muscle pain), B12 (used for energy, weight loss and increases oxygenation of cells) and alpha lipoic acid (a potent antioxidant that turns nutrients into energy and helps burn fat).